Warehouse Management

The Proteus® Warehouse Management system is used both by companies operating their own warehouses, and organisations providing contract warehousing and distribution services.

Proteus® Warehouse Management can be used in a stand alone environment or fully integrated with the other supply chain and financial systems.

Just in time stocking in the retail sector is becoming commonplace, resulting in increased demands on all stages of the supply chain and pressure on warehousing operations to maintain optimum stock levels, respond promptly to customer orders, minimise errors, and tightly control costs. The Proteus® warehouse systems can be implemented with various levels of sophistication, right through to a fully directed "paperless" environment.

Clients using the Proteus® warehouse systems include organisations involved in pet food, contract food distribution, food perishables, wallcoverings, spirits, glass, toys, delivered trade wholesale, spirits, and telecommunications equipment.


  • Warehouse map
  • Stock put away rules
  • Bulk to pick replenishment
  • Warehouse performance
  • Stock take
  • Task scheduler
  • Pallet tracking
  • Load planning
  • Sell by/expiry dates
  • Rotation
  • Dual cycling
  • Quarantine

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