Warehouse Centric

Proteus is the warehouse centric solution for inventory based businesses and, logistics/distribution management professionals. Our solution is specifically designed to integrate with any existing ERP/Supply Chain solution or the full Proteus® suite of business application software.

Proteus® Warehouse Management Systems and the Proteus® Integration Highway module allows our solutions to be closely coupled with any existing ERP/Supply Chain solution a client may choose to use, providing the business benefits that can only be derived from a fully integrated, dedicated, supply chain management solution.

With a pedigree of delivery, and solving the inventory, order and financial management related issues of clients for in excess of 20 years, we are uniquely able to assist clients with the complex challenges of placing their inventory and its’ physical management at the heart of the business.

In addition, rather than present our clients with a separate element that requires consideration and management, we are able to use our experience and understanding of the many financial and business implications to undertake the complete project. We liaise with existing Business Application Software provider(s) to define, manage, test and implement the integration project between the systems, removing a complex issue from our clients projects.

For further information please call Linda Rodway on +44 (0) 121 717 7474 or email me

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