Supply Chain Management - Kitting BoM

The Proteus® Kitting/Bill of Materials module is designed to allow the creation of a bill of materials, which comprises of either individual stock items and / or previously made kits, along with the quantities required of each component, as well as non stock items such as Labour, Equipment Usage or Overheads etc.

The ‘‘make order’’ routine manages the production of the finished item. The system will calculate the type and quantities of the components required allocate the necessary stock and produce the picking instructions. The stock allocation, picking of components, and putting away of finished goods are fully integrated with the Proteus® Stock Control, Warehouse Management and Pick Planning modules.

A movement list will be generated, which will initiate the picking and moving of the components to the ‘make area’ of your facilities. Once the kit items have been assembled, the quantities of the components used can be confirmed or overridden, allowing for over or under component usage. The stock quantities and values will then be updated. All the postings to the general ledger are automatically created and can be posted to the relevant accounts.

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