Philosophy and Approach

At Proteus we engage intellectually, get involved practically, and work with you to deliver a profitable partnership.

Our approach is based upon the key principle of establishing a harmonious partnership with clients. We believe from experience, that it is the foundation of every successful project with which we have been involved.

We aim to ensure a close working partnership between both teams and work together to ensure ‘knowledge transfer’ is achieved.

We gain a thorough understanding of our clients business environment and objectives, whilst ensuring key members of the Client Project Team are appropriately trained to understand the structure and operation of our Proteus® software.

Our implementation process has been designed to support and guide clients through the warehouse management project experience. We ensure close attention to detail and have a deep understanding of each client’s business processes.

In September 2004, Intellect who represent 1000 companies in the Information Technology, Telecommunications and Electronic industries published an IT Supplier > Code of Best Practice. Proteus Software has undertaken many implementations, operating to the standards, outlined in the Code of Practise for many years.

Please feel free to download the Intellect Code of Best Practise below.


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