Voice Picking in Cold Store

Q. Typically, what size of warehouse is the best fit for the Proteus Warehouse Management System?

A. The Proteus Warehouse Management System (WMS) is fully scaleable and can fit any size of warehouse from a business start up operation to major blue chip organisations.

Q. What are the market sectors that Proteus has experience in providing warehouse systems for?

A. We have experience in a number of market sectors including Food, Pharmaceutical, 3PLs, Bonded Warehousing, Home and Garden Goods, Toys, Electrical Goods, Kitchen Suppliers, Giftware to name a few. Our market also includes Wholesalers Durable and Non Durable Goods and Manufacturers who store stock.  Our customers are companies, both large and small, who have a need to control their warehouse process, have stock control issues and a need to automate their stock and inventory processes.

Q. Are your systems available On Premise, or Browser Based served over the Internet?

A. Both. The On Premise WMS includes the software and a server that is managed by our customers' in house IT teams.  The Browser Based version (better known as Proteus Cloud WMS) is hosted by Proteus and served to the customer over the Internet.

Q. How much does the system cost?

A. Costs depends on the type of warehouse management system required. For example the On Premise RF Directed WMS system will include the costs of the software licences, the server, the RF equipment and implementation.   On the otherhand the Proteus Cloud WMS system incurs no capital expenditure at all as everything is provided and hosted by us, and is made available to the customer on a weekly rental basis.

Q. What types of WMS systems are available?

Our WMS systems can be simple paper based stock system, RF Directed WMS utilising Barcode Scanning and as a Voice Picking System.  They can be used stand alone, interfaced into other software systems , for example ERP, Financials, Transport Management, e-Commerce, and used in a combination of all three types together i.e. Paper, RF Directed and Voice Picking, covering the variety of activity in the various zones of the warehouse.

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