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14th Oct 2014
Following on from the success of Warehousing Futures, the Logistics Leaders Network, courtesy of Gefco and Peel Ports is giving supply chain specialists a rare opportunity to see ‘Logistics in Action’ on a grand scale at the Port of Sheerness.  The meeting of the Supply Chain Strategy Group on 28 October is timed for the arrival of one of the Car Megacarriers into the Port.  Gefco will be explaining the complexity surrounding the key issues of finished car logistics, the other end of the supply chain from the inbound parts in to the factories in Europe and the Far East.  Any failures in the... Read more
3rd Jul 2014
The UKWA Annual Awards Luncheon 2014 was held yesterday at the Dorchestor in London.  This prestigious event attracted members from all sectors of the Warehousing and Logistics Industry in the UK.  The event started with a drinks reception at mid-day, followed by a superb lunch, entertaining after lunch speeches from Gyles Brandreth, Roger Williams  CEO of the UKWA and Michael Davison UKWA Member Manager, who also shared a hidden talent by playing Annie's Song on the flute.  After winners of the UKWA Awards were announced and trophies duly handed out, the lunch ended with everyone singing... Read more
1st Jul 2014
The car industry has been one of the manufacturing success stories in the UK economic recovery. A record number of vehicles are being built in the UK with exports representing 75% of production. Imports too have been strong from Continental Europe and the Far East. With the advent of the ‘build a car to order’, one of the less understood areas of supply chain management is ‘finished vehicle logistics’. How do cars arrive in the showroom in pristine condition having often travelled halfway round the world on ‘megacarriers’ sometimes in very bad weather? GEFCO UK, is providing a very rare and... Read more
28th Feb 2014
This compelling and informative event hosted at the Proteus Training Centre, covered the changing roles of trade Unions in the Transport and Logistics sector and  proved to be very successful.  The guest speaker was Adrian Jones, National Officer of Unite who led a very lively face to face discussion with operators on the changing role of trades unions in transport and distribution. Adrian outlined the Union’s view on key employee issues affecting transport and distribution operations in the next few years as online retailing and the 24/7 delivery culture becomes even more embedded with... Read more

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