Dry and Bottled

Warehouses that supply Wines and Spirits have governmental rules that they have to comply with. The PROTEUS® Bonded Warehouse Solution simplifies these often tedious processes. Compliant to HM Customs & Excise rules, reporting to the Inland Revenue becomes a simple job.It is a requirement of the Government that Distilleries have to produce reports which show everything from the volumes of raw materials purchased, the amount of alcohol produced, sales volumes of related product, losses in manufacture and distribution as well as the losses which occur from such things as pilferage, evaporation and breakage’s. So from the point the alcohol is produced, PROTEUS tracks the alcohol meticulously through the various processes of blending, filtering, bottling, packaging and finally distribution, so that every ‘ounce’ of alcohol can be accounted for to the Customs people in precisely the way they require it.

As PROTEUS® extrapolates the data from the primary system, then compiling reports is very simple. All key staff have to do is check a few figures on a small amount of reports, which can then be dispatched to the Inland Revenue.

Auditing and security has been built into the system during its design and is an integral part of the module’s operation. System auditing records any changes to critical information used for duty calculation which will high-light any possible misuse of the system. System security is an additional feature that integrates with the security built into the core PROTEUS®product. The system allows the allocation of security levels that permit or deny access to critical functions. Additionally a restriction on the range of warehouses accessible by each user is available.

The Bonded module of PROTEUS® consists of the following functions:

  • Maintenance routines
  • HMC&E reports
  • Auditing Reports
  • Damages facility
  • End of day routines

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