Central or Depot Warehouse Management

The Proteus® Warehouse Management System will assist your management team in optimising the utilisation of warehouse space and maximising the efficiency of warehouse operations. As a logical extension to the Proteus® Stock system, the Warehouse Management module provides the following enhanced facilities:

  • Warehouse Mapping
  • Stock Put Away
  • Bulk to Pick Replenishment
  • Warehouse Movement Tracking

The Proteus® Directed Warehouse Management module builds upon the foundation of the Warehouse Management and RF Integration systems to provide a paperless and highly efficient warehouse environment. The powerful task manager allocates the various tasks to the most appropriate warehouse operative to optimise travel time. Utilising either hand held or truck mounted terminals, the system then informs the operative of the next task to be performed and the warehouse location to which they must go to carry out that function. The system covers all the main warehouse processes including receipting, put away, picking, replenishment, and stocktaking.

Within the system a variety of equipment types can be defined, and associated with each are the details of the tasks it can perform. As warehouse tasks are actioned the locations, cases and pallets will be scanned, as appropriate, using the RF equipment to ensure the correct locations and items have been selected.

Proteus® Directed Warehouse Management supports dual cycling so that picking, putaway replenishment, and other tasks are interleaved for maximum efficiency.

Orders can be released individually to the warehouse, or grouped and then picked by wave using the Pick Planning or Load Planning modules.

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