Bonded Stock Manager

The Proteus® Bonded Stock Manager enhances the functionality provided within the Proteus® stock and warehouse management systems to cater for companies who have a specific legal requirement to report to Her Majesty’s Customs & Excise (HMCE).

Designed to automate the production of critical HMCE reports, the system ensures that all movements of “underbond goods” are correctly recorded and accounted for, minimising the possibility of errors. Where duty is applicable, the system performs the duty calculations and produces the necessary reports. Deferred duty is also handled.

Auditing and security are fundamental elements of the module’s operation. System auditing will record any changes to critical information used for duty calculation and movement of goods to help ensure that legal requirements are fully met. Standard security encompasses different levels to permit or deny access to each function, whilst control over the range of warehouses accessible to each user is also available.

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