23rd Jan 2012
Until last week, I had only ever put on skis twice before in my life.  The first of those was 20 years ago, when I visited the dry ski slope in Gloucester, although must admit that I can’t recall actually using the skis to any noticeable effect.  About three years ago I went to the Snow Dome at Tamworth, where the snow, whilst manufactured, was at least real.  I was part of a group of about 15  who had a lesson for an hour, most of which was spent watching other people fall over, and probably resulted in me skiing a total distance of about 50 metres in that whole session.  So when the work... Read More
12th Jun 2008
As I gaze out of my hotel balcony door I see a cloudless blue sky; although it is before 10am the sun is already a bright ball of fire beating down on the parched earth. It is only the cacti who seem content to endure these harsh and arid conditions. As I write this article I am attending a business conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Arriving late last night I missed the cool spell, only 36° C yesterday. Today is rather warmer at 40° C, and the temperature is predicted to rise to 41° later in the week. They often say, “if you cannot stand the heat get out of the kitchen.” Today I am thinking, “... Read More


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