8th Jan 2016
"Now is the winter of our warehouse discontent, made glorious by the Black Friday rush of ecommerce trading" Have Black Friday and Christmas left in their wake a storm in your warehouse? Are your stock locations correct? Have you got a pile of returns blocking up your bays? Was your picking 100% accurate? Were your replenishments put-away in the right place? With the arrival of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and let us not beat around the bush these events are here to stay, pressure is put on the whole of the supply chain but especially in the warehouse. To ease this extra pressure and reduce... Read More
1st May 2015
With summer nearly upon us it’s time to look back at Christmas 2014 to see what lessons we can learn. Firstly the Christmas peak is getting later and later, consumers are ordering from multiple devices, at any time of day and expecting delivery immediately. If your customers don’t have confidence you can deliver as promised they will go to your competitors. The size of the peak is also growing, it is normal to see order volumes in December that are 2-3 times September volumes, however popular retailers may see nearer 4 times. In order to fulfil these orders some warehouses are having to... Read More
6th Feb 2014
 Anyone can TAKE a reservation (or Order)!!  When thinking of the perils of purchasing goods online, especially around the annual seasonal holiday peaks, one cannot help but worry, “will it arrive in time?” and “what if my wife’s present goes missing?” etc. etc.  One can only imagine the icy glances of disappointment over that special occasion lunch or dinner from one’s spouse should their token of appreciation and devotion not have materialised earlier that morning.  I then recalled a scene from “Seinfeld” concerning the reservation of a hire car when Jerry attempts to collect it …now bear... Read More
6th Jun 2012
Lonely as a Cloud? I wandered lonely as a cloud, That floats on high o'er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd, A host of golden daffodils. So penned William Wordsworth, one of our most famous poets, after a pleasant spring walk around Ullswater in the Lake District. However, written as it was in 1804, Wordsworth would have had no idea that in the 21st Century ‘Cloud’ would come to have a completely different parallel meaning. I talk of course about the ‘delivery of computing as a service rather than a product whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to... Read More
27th May 2012
Without a doubt, it is the “In” thing to look at Cloud Computing. What is it? What’s it for and what does it mean to businesses? When one thinks of a cloud – it is something ethereal – something intangible – that you can’t quite grasp hold of. You can only see it at a distance. Up close it is mist. Then why couple the terminology “Cloud” together with Computing? And what is the benefit to business owners to adopt this “new technology”? In technology terms the “Cloud” is the Internet, and Computing is the services that can be delivered by a browser based application. These can range from an... Read More


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